GI JOE Pornography Story: Family Secrets Chapter 1

GI JOE Pornography Story: Family Secrets Chapter 1

Family Secrets

Disclaimer: i don’t own Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Vanessa, or Perry

Perry’s P.O.V.
As I lay in the grass in front of the tree where Phineas and Ferb usually hold their

daily projects,I hear a commotion coming from the front of the house. I hear

Phineas and Isabella arguing with somebody. I run to see what is wrong. I was

expecting to enjoy my day off, but it seems that it isn’t going to happen.

Buford has a hold of Phineas’s shirt and has him lifted off the ground. Isabella is

unsuccessfully trying to get her boyfriend out of the air. Phineas’s face is turning blue and his eyes are starting to glaze over.

I manage to get behind Buford without him noticing, I jam the venomous spurs on my hind feet

through the skin on his leg.

He drops Phineas as Isabella rushes forward and hits

Buford head on, she jumps into the air and catches Buford on the side of his head

with her shoe. He staggers as Ferb drags Phineas out of harms way.

Phineas, unconsious due to lack of air. starts to return to normal color.

Buford, wanting to hit somebody, goes for Isabella.

I place myself between them,ready to give up my secret to protect her.

She nudges me sideways as I chatter angrily at Buford,

she appears anxious, like she’s waiting for somebody or something. As I allow

myself to be moved, I glance at her face and see fear.

She is staring at her house, I follow her gaze and barely catch the sight of someone leaping through an open window on the second

floor and dashing into the shadows as I hear Isabella say “You don’t want to do this

Buford, you won’t like the result.”

Buford laughs as he makes his way over, staggering because the holes that are bleeding sluggishly in his leg.

He grabs the front of her dress and draws his other hand into a fist. “Don’t say I didn’t warn

you.” Isabella says sadly as he draws his hand back, Buford says something that I

don’t catch because I see a familiar face.

I am surprised to see Vanessa holding hands with Ferb.

Isabella gives a sad smile when a boy I don’t recognize grabs

Buford’s fist with his right hand and delivers a smashing blow to his face with his

left. The boy is about Isabella’s age, he is wearing a dark blue suit with silver stripes on it.

In his left hand is a black cane with a silver snake head on it.

His hair looks just like Isabellas and he’s wearing a pair of glasses with dark lenses. There is an insane smile on his face.

Buford drops Isabella as the cartilage in his nose seems to explode.

Isabella seems to be expecting this and lands on her feet as Buford clutches his

face, blood pouring between his fingers. I am sitting there staring at the

newcomer along with everybody else, Isabella and Ferb seem to be the only two

that know him. Ferb has a small smile as he waves “Hey George.” The boy waves

back, now everybody is staring at Ferb.

The boy turns in time to see Buford swing a fist at him,

he dodges and delivers a devastating blow with his cane to Bufords knee.

he goes down hard as I walk over to Isabella and rub against her leg.

She reaches down to pick me up and rubs my back as she watches the fight.

Phineas, still unable to walk straight, staggers over to Isabella.

As I watch them exchange a quick kiss, I feel butterflies in my stomach as I resist the urge to attack Phineas.

(Isabella reaches down and hugs me, I feel dizzy as our bodies touch, I hug her back, trying to figure out my thoughts .)

The sounds of the fight bring me out of my memories in time to see Buford fly across the yard,

he is riddled with bruises and his leg and nose are still bleeding sluggishly. George has no marks on his body and is still smiling.

Ferb is still holding Vanessa’s hand as Buford picks himself up. Realizing he has no hope of beating George,

Buford takes another run at Isabella, planning on doing some damage to her since the newcomer is too fast.

Isabella notices this and hands me to Phineas .

George stands where he is and watches as Isabella vaults over Buford and delivers a kick to his back.

She lands on her feet with her hair floating like a halo as Buford slides across the grass.

Buford, realizing it isn’t his day, skulks away as everybody congratulates Isabella.

Isabella takes me back from Phineas as George walks over.

She gives him a one-armed hug because I am still in her arms. Ferb is still smiling as he walks over and shakes hands with George.

Phineas, seeing his girlfriend hugging this strange boy, explodes “Who is this” he asks, fight written all over his face

Isabella laughs at him as Ferb says quietly “It’s her brother, George.”

Phineas’s face goes from anger to shock so fast Isabella starts laughing again.

When she gets herself under control she looks over at Ferb and asks “how do you know George?

Ferb smiles as he answers, “When we first moved in I saw him in the yard, Phineas would have but he was staring at you.

Phineas turns a dark shade of red as Ferb says this. I smile at Isabella as Phineas mumbles something inaudible and goes inside.

She puts me down and follows him inside, a few seconds later we all hear her laughter. Phineas walks back out, his face brighter than ever.

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