Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: Green Haired Fellow – Chapter 1

Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: Green Haired Fellow – Chapter 1

Ferb and Vanessa 3 I really
dont get why I like them so much but I do :). Basically this
one-shot is about how Vanessa felt with their 2 encounters. :] ha-ha
not sure if its good or not but please R&R. thx.

The Blueprint Shop

My stupid father, my really stupid
father; hes got me picking up his blueprints for him. I walked
into the shop to see a green haired boy at the counter. I went up
next to him and waited for the lady who worked there.

So what do you need sweetie?
the lady behind the counter asked as she handed the green haired boy
his plans.

Im here to pick up an order
for Doofenshmirtz, I replied.

Oh yes your daddy just called,
she said as she walked back to get my dads order.

I turned to the green haired boy.
Hey hows it going? I asked looking at him really for the
first time. His left eye was a little bigger than his right, and he
had a square like nose. His hair fell over his face just a little.
Actually he wasnt that bad looking for a kid.

Instead of responding he just stood
there looking up at me; it was then I noticed he had blue eyes.
(A.N. I know Ferb has black eyes but I changed it to blue because no
one really has black eyes)

Outer space?

I walked out of the store into the
clean crisp air with two shopping bags on my arms. Suddenly out of
nowhere a huge wind whipped around me. Startled, I noticed the car
(if you could call it that) driving back and stopping in front of me.
The dark blue tinted windows rolled down to reveal a green headed boy
in a pair of red sunglasses. It was the boy from the blueprint shop!

The green haired boy tilted his
sunglasses down in a flirty matter. I have to say I was impressed;
ever so quickly it was over as he placed his sunglasses back on and
said, You’re
digginn’ my ride from outer space.

He then took off
in his car/spaceship thing. I watched in awe, as the wind blew
through my hair, down the road as his car like object disappeared in
the distance. I had an odd feeling inside that I wanted to see this
boy again.

Ill update if Ferb and Vanessa
have any more encounters or if I think of any myself. Please review

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