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Finally Candace Flynn got fucked!

Phineas Und Ferb Mom Nackt

Hentai Picture: Finally Candace Flynn got fucked!
Passing belief, but these fruitcake signal pictured Phineas and Ferb characters are down with by long chalks about fuck-fests, they are not as chaste as you suspected when you get a load of them over TV… Naughty babe from Phineas and Ferb is ready for the hardest fucking task of her whole life… That hottie plays with some few bacon bazookas when her beaver is overendowed with a maritak aid.

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Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: Comet Kermilian Chapter 1

Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: Comet Kermilian Chapter 1

I didnt like the ending of Comet Kermilian (ok, I did), and
I had this idea a long time ago, so Im writing it.

and Ferb: Comet Kermilian (my ending)

we keep getting served! one of the hip hop dancers said.

Im getting used to it! the other one said.

walked towards Phineas, with the plate with a steak on her hand.
Sothats Kermilians Comet, huh? she asked.

Isnt it cool? Phineas asked. YeahYou know, they say if
you make a wish on a comet, itll come true

I know Phineas replied. Did you wish for something?

blushed a little. Yeah, I did

did it came true? Phineas asked.

dont think so. No, not yet

what did you wish for? Phineas asked.

cant tell you. I mean, I can
you, butuhI gotta-I gotta go isabella said and started to

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Phineas and Ferb Porno Story: Phineas’s secret plan Part Two

Phineas and Ferb Porno Story: Phineas’s secret plan Part Two

Candace fingered her pussy vigorously. She started to feel relaxed. She began to speed up the pace and started to feel pressure building. She stopped and removed her fingers. She looked to the large dildo. She grabbed it and held it in her hand. She started to stroke it. Shen then started to lick the tip. It tasted good. She swurled her tongue around the tip. Then she started to probe further and further into her throat. Then soon she was stuffing the whole thing in her mouth. Then she pulled it and started to rub the lips of her pussy with it. “Oh GOD I can’t take it anymore.” She said very quickly. She trhust the dildo all the way into her pussy. Phineas started jerking off watching his sister slam her own pussy with an 8-inch dildo. But he was too aroused. He couldn’t hold it. He cam. He shot cum all over the closet door. To his dismay it wastoo much for him and he passed out. He fell back and made a thud on the floor. Candace stopped and looked at the closet door. She was sure she heard a thud over there. Then something caught her eye. There was something running down the closet door. She pulled the dildo out and crawled over to the door. It was white and she seemed to recognize it. She put her finger into it and then licked it. She knew the taste and loved it. “It’s cuum!” Candace said moaning excitedly. Looked at the closet door again and saw something red glowing inside. She crawled back a bit sat up and opened the door. Gasped and held her mouth as she saw what was inside. She looked at Phineas’s unconscious body. But she was more interested in the larger parts of his anatomy. She stared at his erect dick. It was about a 12-inches long. Candace let her mouth go agap. “It’s so much bigger than my friend.” She said out loud. Then she saw the redd light out of the corner of her eye. She looked straight into camera. Then she had a wicked idea. She took the camera and positioned it so she could see Phineas’s lower stomach and dick. She then came over and grabbed Phineas’s dick. It was big and she felt him quiver at her touch. Shen then started to stroke it. As she did she could feel it getting harder as she stroked faster. Soon pre-cum started to spew from his dick. Candace leaned over and licked it. It tasted so sweet. She lost it. She started swurling her tongue around its tip then she sucked the head. Soon she was moving up and down his long shaft. Then she tried to take all of it in. She felt it touch the back of her throat. And just as that happened Phineas orgasmed and his body shuttered. His arms flew up and flopped on top of Candace’s head. The dead weight wouldn’t let her budge as her mouth started to fill up with Phineas’s spooge. She started to gag but them she tasted it and it was delicious. She started sucking as hard as she could. She swallowed all of his semen. She didn’t let a drop spill. Candace then looked into the Camera as she let Phineas’s cock slip from her mouth with a POP! She smiled into the camera and said “Don’t worry little…I mean big brother that’s not it. TO BE CONTINUED…..
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